About Company

Quest Quenchers Limited connects freelance translators with customers who need translation services and we cover a broad spectrum of such service types.

As a New Zealand company we believe in the human touch which sets us apart from using apps or automated AI translation methods, because sometimes you just need a human to get it done asap! Utilise our instant translator service when you’re in a jiffy and need a translator urgently.

Welcome all interested translators. Register with us as a translator and receive translation related jobs from us. We can work with you wherever in the world. You just need to be bilingual (at least 2 languages) and know English as one of your languages.

Are you looking for extra income?

QQTranslate offers everyone a freelance opportunity to build a secondary income source by being a translator and do it at home anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, smart phone, and meet our requirements.

Jobs are posted to you when they come up and you will be compensated after each job is done.

Go to our FAQ section to learn more about what to expect when joining as a freelancer translator with us.