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Translate documents, essays, papers, marketing materials, scripts, and more!

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Get a translator on the phone today to help translate your communications. Or add into your group chats on whichever messenger APP you prefer.

Document & any Paper Translation Service

Get your essay, blueprint, subtitle, or any paper styled translation done by our qualified Freelance translators. This service is done by real humans who will add in that extra human factor when translating your documents. When it’s done by another human you can expect it to be a human friendly translation!

We require you to upload your translation required document before payment for us to review and confirm we can satisfy your job.

➤ Standard – Under 1000 words $65 NZD per document.

➤ Moderate Sized – Under 2000 words $90 NZD per document.

➤ Essay Sized – Under 3000 words $165 NZD per document.

➤ Super Sized – 3,000 words or more. Price quotation based.

About Company

Quest Quencers Limited is a New Zealand company providing translation services to people worldwide whether they are travelling or needing corporate solutions tailored to their needs.


The remote human translator is exactly what it sounds like. We will allocate one dedicated translator that suits your language requirements to get in touch with you according to your booking time who can help translate for you remotely via a video call, voice call, sending messages in group chats on popular messaging apps such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat, and more.

Our Translators are all vetted and recruited under us as freelancers who will be dedicated to relieving your language barrier problems professionally and efficiently.


Please register an account with us to utilise this service. After registering please go into the member area and select the Document Translation Service. Follow the instructions to upload your document for our review and confirmation we can assist you before making any payment.

 We welcome all bilingual individuals who meet our requirements to join our worldwide team of freelance translators.

i. The Basic Requirements are.

  1. You are over 18 years of age.

  2. Bilingual. Minimum of two languages that you can speak fluently.

  3. One of the languages you know must be English. This is to ensure we can communicate with you for matters between our company and with you.

ii. Our Arrangement with Freelance Translators.

1. The contractual relationship between Freelancers and QQTranslate is on an Independent Contractor basis meaning Freelancers are not paid a salary and only paid for work done.

2. We share 85% of revenue to all our registered QQTranslate Freelance Translators

A. For example, a one hour translation job at NZD $32.50 is charged to the customer and you as the translator will earn NZD $27.625 before any taxation deductions, if applicable.

iii. Please register an account first so you can access our Member Area. Once inside the member area you can go to the Register As Freelancer page.